Got a Hazardous Tree that needs looking at in Brentwood, or maybe you just need some advice from a Qualified Tree Sugeon? 

Whatever your Tree related problems might be we’re here to help.

For Brentwood residents and businesses, we provide a premier tree service that delivers quality and great value for money. Whether you have a fruit tree you want pruning so that it produces more apples or pears, or you run parkland that requires a little tidying up, our qualified arboriculture specialists are on hand all year round to provide just the service you need.

Central to our ethos is the fact that we are a family owned family owned business and believe strongly in a personal service. That means we offer a free quote for each job, no matter how big or small, and are on hand to provide the advice and guidance you want, when you need it most. We deal with a number of properties in Brentwood, both commercial and domestic, making sure that we not only provide a first class tree management service but ensure all jobs are carried out ethically and safely.

A Green Tree Service for Brentwood

We like to make a point of our green credentials when we visit a property for the first time. All waste produced from pruning trees or cutting hedges is taken away and recycled, providing wood chips and logs for home and office wood burners and fires. That means nothing we take down goes to waste, with cuttings and sawdust used for composting that also benefits the environment.

Our Brentwood Tree Services

If you have trees in your garden, then sooner or later they are going to need pruning or cutting back. As well as for homes, we provide services to businesses, parks and local authorities.

Tree pruning: Kings Cuts Tree Services can undertake numerous pruning activities including clearing overhangs on roads and pavements, making it easier for cars and pedestrians to pass by. There are various levels of pruning depending on the condition of a particular tree – for example, professional cutting of fruit trees at the right time of year can help promote a bigger crop during the following summer.

Removing trees: Of course, it’s not just pruning that needs to be handled by a qualified tree surgeon. Sometimes, either because of overcrowding or damage caused by disease, a whole tree might need to be taken out. For our clients in Brentwood, this not only involves making the right cuts but also means ensuring that the surrounding area is protected as much as possible.

Stump removal: One of the most arduous task you can undertake is to remove a tree stump, with all its roots underground. This requires a professional service and people who know what they are doing if you want to make sure it is done properly.

Other major tree services that we provide for the people of Brentwood include hedge trimming and site clearance, something that can often be done at the same time as we tend to your trees. If you have concerns about your trees and need to have a report undertaken by a qualified professional, then we are more than happy to do this for you – it might be after storm damage or when you think your tree may have some problem such as a disease.

We also provide an emergency response team that can be on site very quickly if you have a major problem such as a damaged tree that is threatening surrounding buildings. Whatever your needs in Brentwood, the good news is that there is a professional, low cost tree service that is available right now.

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