Tree Pruning (Reductions)

Tree pruning or reduction is carried out to reduce the overall size of a tree when it has outgrown the space it lives in. Our expertise in arboriculture ensure this is done in a way that is optimum to the future growth, shape and overall health of the tree.

The reduction is usually between 10% and 30%, depending on the current size and the requirements for reduction. Where a tree has grown more in one area than another, tree pruning will rebalance the shape.

This service may be used to keep a tree in balance with the rest of your garden or to make it more aesthetically pleasing in shape so that you can enjoy it from every angle. Additionally, the reduction will make a tree more manageable to maintain, greaten the amount of light around the area of the tree and improve the growing health of the tree.

If you are unsure which service you need for your tree care, our team are very happy to help answer questions and give expert advice with a FREE quotation.

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