Site Clearance including Area-Poisioning

When clearing an area there may be many different problematic plants and trees growing. Kings Cuts Tree Services can handle the whole procedure. 

We have extensive experience of full-site clearance ranging from multi-million pound construction sites where large areas of trees and shrubs need to be removed, through to domestic garden clearance to the point where the homeowner is able to continue maintenance themselves or instruct a gardener.

On overgrown land the mix of species and sizes can be an issue. Stinging nettles and brambles can make it hard to access the space and any number of trees may restrict movement for work. We can clear all of these issues, taking care to watch for any potential wildlife that may have made this untouched space into a home.

Where appropriate, our expert tree surgeons will advise if any plants or tree stumps require poisoning to prevent future unwanted growth returning.

If you have an area that needs clearing, we are used to private gardens and acres, why not make use of our expert advice with a FREE quotation by getting in touch with the team.

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