As well as offering crown thinning, Kings Cuts Tree Services carry out dead wooding to provide a thorough crown clean out.

This service concentrates on removing the parts of the crown that the tree no longer needs – dead wood and foreign objects that have become lodged. Additionally, a crown clean out focuses a tree’s growth energy in the right direction by removing crossing, rubbing or diseased branches and allowing for strong, healthy future growth.

Dead wooding removes dangerous wood that is at risk of falling as well as foreign objects from the crown. It is essential that this type of work is carried out carefully for human safety and to remove the right sections and maintain a happy tree.            

The removal of dead wood can also be preventative for future issues with the safety of the tree and the surrounding area. Our team will take into account the overall aesthetic shape of the tree too to ensure the shape is pleasing to look at and balanced.

If you are unsure which service you need for your tree care, our team are very happy to help answer questions and give expert advice with a FREE quotation.

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