Tree pruning or crown thinning is the act of taking out some of the bulk of a tree. It is essential that this type of work is carried out in a way that encourages healthy future growth as well as creating a happy tree.

When a tree becomes ‘top heavy’, crown thinning can be undertaken to reduce the overall weight and ensure the safety of the tree and the surrounding area. Our team will take into account the overall aesthetic shape of the tree too to ensure the shape is pleasing to look at and balanced.

In addition, this type of tree work encourages trees to produce more flowers or fruit if applicable which can greatly increase the enjoyment of a tree in your outside space.

The way that light passes through the crown of the tree can be changed significantly. Crown thinning to admit more light and air through the crown may be a key consideration in the role the tree plays in your garden or public space.

Before any work starts, we will always carry out a pre-climbing safety check. In addition, every tree that is climbed is inspected as standard and any issues or defects are reported back to the customer.

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