Crown lifting is a form of tree pruning that like crown thinning or reduction, removes some of the bulk of a tree. The lifting refers to the fact that the weight and shape is taken out of the lowest branches on the tree, creating the overall impression of a longer trunk. As with any pruning, to ensure the long-term health and encourage future growth of the tree, it is essential that this type of work is carried out by an expert.                                

When a tree becomes ‘bottom heavy’, crown lifting can be undertaken to reduce the overall weight and ensure the safety of the tree and the surrounding area. The creation of greater space surrounding the tree may be used to free up an area of your outside space for usage, encourage the growth of other plants and shrubs in the area or free up space for access.

In a public area, the removal of the lowest branches may facilitate greater access for pedestrians, properties, street furniture and traffic.

Our team will take into account the overall aesthetic shape of the tree too to ensure the shape is pleasing to look at and balanced. Crown lifting helps to create a more uniform height and allow more light at ground level.

Before any work starts, we will always carry out a pre-climbing safety check. In addition, every tree that is climbed is inspected as standard and any issues or defects are reported back to the customer.

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