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Covering all of Essex including Brentwood, Chigwell, Loughton & Upminster and surrounding areas, our services include:

  • Tree Pruning (Reductions)

    To reduce a tree’s overall size, usually done between 10% and 30%, in order to rebalance the tree, make it more manageable, greaten the amount of light around the area of the tree and improve the overall appearance.

  • Tree Pruning (Crown Thinning)

    Completed for a number of reasons: safety, to reduce weight, to produce more flower or fruit, to admit more light and air through the crown.

  • Tree Pruning (Crown Lifting)

    Removal of the lowest branches usually to create a more uniformed height allowing more light and greater access for pedestrians, properties, street furniture and traffic.

  • Dead Wooding

    Removal of dead wood to necessary points to make safe or improve appearance.

  • Crown Clean out

    Removal of all defects: dead wood, foreign objects, crossing, rubbing and diseased branches.

  • Pollarding

    Heavy reduction of top and side branches so that the tree may produce a dense growth of new shoots.

  • Re-pollarding

    A process following original pollarding. The removal of all limbs and branches to previous pollard points.

  • Formative Pruning

    The removal of potential ‘future problematic’ limbs and branches in younger trees. This can minimise expensive work later on in a tree’s life.

  • General Pruning

    Each tree is unique. General pruning is therefore specific to each individual tree. It is best described as a general ‘tidy-up’ using the professional discretion of the tree surgeon coupled with the wishes of the tree owner.

  • Hedge Trimming

    The smoothing, shaping, reducing and refining of hedges, both evergreen and deciduous, to suit the clients tastes.

  • Topping Out

    As above, but when the majority of the work is being focused on the top of the trees.

  • Straight Felling

    The cutting down of a tree using 3 cuts. This can only be executed when there is adequate space for the tree to fall in 1 piece.

  • Poisoning of Stumps

    Not all trees need this, as many will not grow again after being cut to ground level. However, many species will continue to grow so will need to be professionally poisoned.

  • Stump Grinding (remove root bole)

    This requires a stump grinder and involves removing the stump to a specified depth, usually between 15cm- 30cm, below ground level.

  • Reports

    We have vast experience in providing thorough and detailed reports for our clients. Arboricultural Reports are required for a range of reasons; subsidence, insurance, new developments, concern for individual trees, etc. KINGS CUTS can provide anything from in depth reports to visual inspections and are proud to work with all types of clients: individual homeowners with single trees, to Local Authorities and large corporations.

  • Site Clearance including Area-Poisioning

    The clearing of various items from a site: stinging nettles and brambles to any size and number of trees. Poisoning services offered where appropriate (tree surgeons will advise on this procedure).

  • Supplier of Logs and Chippings

    All of our green waste is recycled so we can provide split logs for open fires, wood chippings to help keep weeds at bay and mulch to help your garden thrive.

  • Emergencies

    We provide emergency assistance where needed any day of the week including bank holidays. Typical emergencies are wind blown trees, trees in dangerous conditions or fallen branches.

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